We had the pleasure of connecting with Red Team Thinking in 2020 and supporting them through 2021 as their content designers, managing social media, email marketing, and landing page development. Then they started a podcast.

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The leadership team at Red Team Thinking knew they were at their best in conversation and exploration of thought with their peers, leading them to the natural conclusion to start a podcast, The Thinking Leader. They wanted a web page with podcast pages that were comparable to highly successful shows like Dax Shepard's, The Armchair Expert. And they needed a social strategy with promotional graphics to help get the word out.


First, we started with a plan for launch. Then, we designed and built a new web page for the Podcast with episode page designs that made the CEO proclaim, "That's better than Dax's!" We created a social strategy with a combination of sound bites, share-worthy graphics, and promotional posts. Then we started the production of promotional elements like graphics and audio clips and managed the implementation of the campaign through social channels, email marketing, and the development of new episode pages.


Within the first two weeks, The Thinking Leader was ranking in the top 10% of podcasts according to industry standards for downloads within 7 days of a new release*.  Not only were they reaching new people on a new platform, but we also saw a positive impact on their social reach and engagement on LinkedIn and Twitter. After their first season, the leadership team knew The Thinking Leader was ready for a bigger platform. Seeing clients outgrow us is #goals. Check out their new video series, Red Team TV on YouTube!

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